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Clematis 'Kokonoe' PBR EU 55740



Kokonoe means in Japanese: 9 circles/layers that overlap. It is an old term that was widely used at the Imperial Court referring to the 9 fences – circles –that were built around the Palace. Clematis 'Kokonoe' is a striking Clematis with a special flower shape in a warm purple colour. For us the name refers to the full, double flowers of ‘Kokonoe’ which refer to the overlapping layers. 'Kokonoe' gives a lot of flowers on one plant and flowers from late spring to early autumn. This climbing plant becomes about 2.50m high and 1m wide and is beautiful as solitary on terrace or balcony, against a wall, fence or pergola but also in a mixed container or hanging basket. Plant ‘Kokonoe' in the sun in a fertile, humus-rich, well permeable soil. Hardy to -15 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Warm purple flower colour
  2. Special flower shape
  3. Many flowers on one plant


Clematis Kokonoe winner of:

  • Chelsea 2019 shortlisted
Chelsea 2019 shortlisted

Breeder: Shigeaki Ochiai

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