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Buddleja davidii Sugar Plum ('Lonplum'PBR) EU 34794



Why go for less if you can have more? Buddleja davidii Sugar Plum is the result of a crossing between Buddleja davidii ‘Royal Red’ and Buddleja Summer Beauty. It has the best of both: more red and more compact!

Buddleja Sugar Plum has showy, purple-red flowers from summer to autumn. It reaches a height of 150 cm and a width of 100 cm. Once established, prune in spring to keep this Buddleja flowering well.
Sugar Plum has a compact growth habit. Perfect as solitary in a container. Also very suitable for shrub borders, combined planting and mass planting.
This Buddleja grows best in full sun in well-drained, fertile soil. It is disease-tolerant and winter hardy to -22 °C. Plant Buddleja Sugar Plum in your garden and bees and butterflies will be happy to visit!

Buddleja davidii Sugar Plum: more red, more compact, more for your garden!


Key Points

  1. Purple-red flowers
  2. Compact habit in container
  3. Attracts bees & butterflies
  4. Disease-tolerant

Breeder: Peter R. Moore

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