Agapanthus Blue Thunder ('SDB002'PBR) EU 62303



Agapanthus Blue Thunder has flowers in a beautiful, deep blue colour. Blue Thunder produces a lot of flower clusters that are very compact. Also the plant stays compact and becomes about 45 cm tall and 40 cm wide. Place Blue Thunder in the (full) sun in a well-drained soil. This beautiful Agapanthus is very suitable for perennial borders, for in a pot on the balcony or terrace or in a mixed container. Big plus is that Blue Thunder is resistant to crown rot/Erwinia. Hardy to about -12 °C.

Key Points

  1. Short inflorescence
  2. Deep blue colour
  3. Compact habit
  4. High production of inflorescences
  5. Resistant to crown rot/ Erwinia

Breeder: De Wet Plant Breeders

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