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Agapanthus BlackJack ('DWAghyb02'PBR) EU 20222869

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Agapanthus BlackJack does do its name credit. The flowers are so dark purple that they’re nearly black - and same goes for the flower buds. With dense inflorescences and more flower heads than usual, this compact Agapanthus will surprise gardeners worldwide with its spectacular performance. BlackJack has an incredibly long flowering period with good rebloom, meaning you can enjoy the near-black flowers for weeks in a row.  
BlackJack is the ideal Agapanthus to grow in pots and has excellent garden performance. BlackJack will eventually reach around 80 cm high and 70 cm wide, making it a great choice for the perennial border, patio pots or mixed containers.  
How to care for Agapanthus BlackJack: 
BlackJack is heat and drought tolerant, has good disease-resistance and is adored by bees and butterflies. Place BlackJack in (full) sun and well-drained soil. Hardy to approximately -12 ºC. 

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Key Points

  1. Bi-colored flowers
  2. Long flowering period, reblooming
  3. Flowers at a young age
  4. Good disease-resistance
  5. Heat- and drought tolerant


Agapanthus BlackJack winner of:

  • RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year 2023
RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year 2023

Breeder: De Wet Plant Breeders

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