Actinidia deliciosa Solissimo® ('Renact'PBR) EU 43520

Fruit (vruchtgoed)


A… kiwi a day keeps de doctor away! With the pollinating Actinidia deliciosa SOLISSIMO® you have a source of vitamins at home: beautiful, healthy and delicious! SOLISSIMO® has beautifully large, heart-shaped leaves and cream-white flowers in the spring. After three years you can pick kiwi fruit in winter. Juicy, bright green and deliciously sweet!
Actinidia deliciosa SOLISSIMO® is ideal against the wall, pergola and fence. Place in the sun and in a well-drained soil. Hardy to -15 degrees Celsius. SOLISSIMO® becomes 3 to 4 meters high.
Enjoy this true vitamin bomb!!

Key Points

  1. Pollinating
  2. First kiwi's after 3 years
  3. Deliciously juicy, sweet fruit

Breeder: Jean Renault

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