Third place for Mangave Mad about Mangave® ‘Praying Hands’ at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

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  • 21 May 2024
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We are thrilled to share that Mangave Mad about Mangave® ‘Praying Hands’, presented by T&M, has secured a commendable third place in the prestigious Plant of the Year category at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024.

Mangave ‘Praying Hands’ was exhibited by Stonebarn Landscapes and Gardeners Question Time, and was originally bred by Hans Hansen and team at Walter Gardens. Thompson & Morgan introduced Praying Hands at the RHS Chelsea Flowershow 2024 and are immensely proud to have been placed in this prestigious award category.

Mad about Mangave® ‘Praying Hands’

Mangave plants are a hybrid cross between an Agave and a Manfreda. They boast architectural qualities on much faster-growing, hardier, and fuller plants than their parent species. Mangave ‘Praying Hands’ surprises everyone with a different look than any other Mangave. Thanks to the unique growth habit of one of its parents, Agave ocahui, the dark green foliage grows up: you could almost mistake it for an elegant teardrop—a stunning succulent, capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -5°C. 

‘Praying Hands’ has a very compact habit and grows up to 25 cm high and wide. This super succulent is drought tolerant and can handle some neglect. It is a unique, sturdy succulent that steals the show indoors and outdoors. Being a true sun worshipper, it is the perfect addition to the exotic terrace. Protect it from frost and wet feet, and you’ll be friends for life.

‘Praying Hands’ can be viewed on the RHS Experience stand.


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