Halloween's ideas: the most popular Halloween plants

  • By Myra
  • 20 October 2021

Looking for some inspiration to fill those pumpkins? Or perhaps some beautiful plants to make a nice little decor at your doorstep? You’re in the right place: we’ll give you some Halloween’s ideas by sharing our most popular Halloween plants. Perfect to boost those Halloween-sales!

1. Carex Evercolor® Everglow
The Carex Evercolor® series are used for many things. Vertical walls, pots and planters, hanging baskets, public instalments - you name it and the Evercolor® plants have been used for it. Obviously, we couldn’t miss out on having some Halloween fun with the Evercolor® Everglow and some pumpkins! Not only does Everglow make for beautiful Halloween decoration: it’s also a low-maintenance, hardy and year-long beautiful variety!

20190131_141725.jpg 4.87 MB

2. Leucothoe Halloween
What’s in a name? Well, for this Leucothoe it all is. With its unique, orange-red foliage, Leucothoe Halloween might just be the perfect pick to fill your pumpkins with. Besides its stunning colouring, it also has a compact habit and thrives in both sun or semi-shade. Making it the ideal variety to boost those Halloween sales!

Leucothoe Halloween - 09.JPG 15 MB

3. Phormium Black Adder
Black Adder is probably one of the most intense Phormium around. With its intense black foliage, it will make for a spooky decor in no time. But besides that, Black Adder is also low-maintenance, drought and heat tolerant and very grower friendly. Making it yet another beautiful variety for those Halloween sales.

Phormium Black Adder (4).JPG 796 KB

4. Carex Evercolor® Everillo
Next to Everglow, Carex Evercolor® Everillo is just as suited for Halloween sales and decorations. It’s hardy, evergreen, multi-functional, maintenance-free and very colourful with distinctive lime yellow foliage. Superb for Halloween, but also living walls, mixed containers, roof gardens, edges - and the list goes on and on.

EverColor Carex Everillo - 03 Living wall.jpg 659 KB

5. Abelia Kaleidoscope
If you’re looking for seasonal colour change and a Halloween-look: then Abelia Kaleidoscope might just make your dreams come true. Its spectacular colours change every season, from green to yellow to red. With a bushy habit its perfectly suited as both a solitary or for landscaping and shrub borders.

abgkale Abelia-Kaleidoscope_Ptio#2.jpg 2.11 MB



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