Buddleja Butterfly Candy Little Ruby awarded as Best Novelty at KVBC Spring Challenge

  • By Myra
  • 25 August 2021

The KVBC Summer Challenge and Plantarium results are in, and we have fantastic news to share: Buddleja Butterfly Candy Little Ruby (‘Botex 006’PBR) won the KVBC Gold Award for Best Novelty and Buddleja Butterfly Candy Little Pink (‘Botex 001’PBR) won the KVBC Silver Award.

But the good news doesn’t end there:

The Buddleja davidii Butterfly Candy Little Purple (‘Botex 001’PBR), Lila Sweetheart (‘Botex 002’PBR), Little White (‘Botex 003’PBR), Little Lila (‘Botex 004’PBR);

ALL won the KVBC Bronze Award at the KVBC Summer Challenge!

Great work, and massive congratulations to all involved.


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