Our 6 favourite disease- and pest-resistant plants

  • By Myra
  • 20 April 2021
disease- and pest-resistant plants - Rhodoxis-Fairy Snow_Garden#3.jpg

It’s April - and that means that diseases and pest will start pestering (pun intended) your neatly arranged and well cared for garden friends once again. Before you know it, wasps will make a wine-filled afternoon Mission Impossible, and maggots, beetles and caterpillars will be dining off your vegetable garden before you had the chance.

Disease-resistant and pest-resistant plants

But guess what? You’re not the only one driven bonkers by pests and diseases around this time. That’s while breeders all over the world have taken the effort to select the Hulk’s amongst plants: strong, disease- and pest-resistant specimen. Fill your garden with these survivors, and you’ll be able to enjoy as many wine-filled afternoons as the number of hangovers you can manage! These are our all-time favourites:

  1. Carex (EverColor® series)
These top-notch foliage perennials are much, much more than ‘just an ornamental grass’. Looking at the impressive EverColor® series (comprising no less than 10 different evergreen Carex selections!), they are evergreen, can be grown at low temperatures, and withstand the coldest of conditions. But most importantly: they’re incredibly strong, and both disease- and pest-resistant!

disease- and pest-resistant plants - EverColor Carex Mass Planting .JPG 499 KB

2. Dianella (Blue Stream & Coolvista)
The Dianella is the best low-maintenance, good-looking, sun-loving evergreen perennial you’ll meet. This perennial often has vigorous upright growth and in warmer regions such as France, Dianella’s such as the Blue Stream will actually surprise you with beautiful flowers in late spring. But most importantly: carefully selected Dianellas such as the Coolvista are disease- and pest-resistant!

disease- and pest-resistant plants - Dianella-Coolvista.jpg 296 KB

3. Rhodoxis (Fairy Snow)
As a hybrid between the Rhodohypoxis and Hypoxis species, the Rhodoxis combines the best of both parents. It thrives in full sun, flowers abundantly and will be completely ignored by any rabbits or deer attending your garden buffet. And as if that isn’t enough, it grows incredibly quick towards its adult size. Before you know it, your Fairy Snow (the very FIRST white Rhodoxis!) will be covered with large flowers.

disease- and pest-resistant plants - Rhodoxis-Fairy Snow_Garden#3.jpg 262 KB

4. Nandina (Obsessed)
The lovely Nandina shrubs are often grown as a hedge, screen, mass installations or used as a container specimen. Its lacy foliage and the clusters of flowers and berries make the Nandina a beautiful little shrub to enjoy. Even though some Nandinas are affected by diseases, the Nandina Obsessed comes out as the true Hulk of its family. Hardy, easy to maintain, strong and pest-resistant!

disease- and pest-resistant plants - Nandina-Obsessed_Garden.jpg 603 KB

5. Lavandula (Phenomenal)
Not only is Lavender known for its beautiful looks and lovely scent: it’s also used as a natural repellant for nasty pests! Pop the drop-dead gorgeous Lavandula Phenomenal in your garden, and you’ll only be surrounded by the sweet sounds of butterflies and bees!

disease- and pest-resistant plants - Lavendula Phenomenal.JPG 446 KB

6. Astelia (Silver Shadow & Red Shadow)
Did you know that Astelia such as the Silver Shadow often actually lives off trees (read all about it in Mr. Plantgeek’s Plant of the Month feature) in the wild?! This very exclusive grass thrives nearly anywhere (and is more than happy in the soil), and comes with many benefits. It’s strong, hardy, evergreen, low-maintenance and disease- and pest-resistant! 

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