Robinia x margaretta 'Georgia da Torino' PBR EU 44536



Robinia 'Georgia da Torino' is a beautiful tree with a beautiful name. The breeder lives in Torino and his wife is called Giorgina (Giorgia). The original variety Robinia pseudoacacia originated in Georgia (USA) and was imported into France in 1601. A beautiful story behind this tree that blooms very abundantly in late spring with large bunches of purple-pink flowers. The fragrant flowers are very attractive for bees in particular. The branches are strong and flexible and do not break quickly and they have hardly any thorns. This Robinia becomes about 12m high and 3m wide. 'Georgia da Torino' prefers to stand in full sun in any, permeable soil. This new variety is resistant to heat, wind and drought as well as parasites. 'Georgia da Torino' is excellent for landscaping, gardens, parks, squares, etc. Because of its inflorescence, 'Georgia da Torino' can also be applied well in uncultivated landscapes for raising bees for a particular honey. Hardy to -23 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Spectacular display of fuchsia-purple flowers
  2. Strong and flexible branches
  3. Heat, wind, and drought resistant
  4. Resistant against parasites
  5. Hardly any thorns

Breeder: Dott. Maurizio Ceruti

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