Ulmus laevis 'Helena®' PBR EU 49922



Ulmus laevis ‘Helena’ has a classic look, meets the requirements of modern times, making it right variety for the future! The name ‘Helena’ originates from Greek meaning ‘torch’. It also refers to hèlios which translates as ‘sun’. Not a surprising name for an Ulmus with such radiant and flaming yellow foliage!
‘Helena’ has a distinctive growth habit compared to other Ulmus varieties. After 100 years, this tree will reach 22 meter high with a crown diameter of 12 meter. Ideal for wet growth circumstances. ‘Helena’ can resist sea wind and is flood-resistant. It is a perfect choice for parks, historical and monumental environments, accent planting, and near water and canals.
‘Helena’ belongs to Ulmus leavis, a species hardly affected by infections (elm disease). ‘Helena’ attracts butterflies, for example the rare white-letter hairstreak and the Aurelia butterfly.

Key Points

  1. Unique growth habit
  2. Flaming yellow colour
  3. Can resist sea winds
  4. Flood-resistant
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