Styrax japonicus 'June Snow' PBR EU 43195



The first snowflakes are falling slowly from the trees. A beautiful scenery you’ve been looking forward to for so long. But wait…how can this be? It’s June! Styrax japonicus ´June Snow´ is like snow in spring. This Styrax blooms abundantly with drooping, bell-shaped, white flowers. They look exactly like snowbells! Its flowers have a pleasant, sweet scent. ‘June Snow’ flowers longer than other varieties, so you can enjoy this lovely display even longer! Its leaves are larger than other varieties. It retains its foliage until late autumn.
‘June Snow’ has a distinctive growth habit. It is compact and upright, which gives it more the shape of a tree than a shrub. This makes ‘June Snow’ perfect for planting along avenues and streets. Also very suitable for small gardens and other locations with limited space. This Japanese Snowbell thrives in sun or partial shade. It grows in all types of soil, preferably in humus-rich soil.
It’s not just the abundant flowering and its upright shape that make ‘June Snow’ stand out. This Styrax is also more hardy than other varieties. Temperatures to -22° Celsius are no problem. ‘June Snow’ is disease-tolerant.

Imagine yourself in White Wonderland with the unique Styrax japonicus ´
June Snow´!

Key Points

  1. Abundant flowering
  2. Longer flowering period
  3. Sweet scent
  4. Disease-tolerant


Styrax June Snow winner of:

  • Goud GrootGroenPlus 2015
Goud GrootGroenPlus 2015

Breeder: Chris van der Wurff

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