Stokesia laevis Amethyst ('Stam01'PBR) EU 66275



We’re happy to welcome a variety that brings the current Stokesia market to the next level. Stokesia laevis Amethyst results from a years-long breeding program with just one goal: creating a variety with upright, strong stems, a high flower count and more intense purple flowers. 
And Amethyst, named after the precious purple-coloured quartz, ticked all those boxes. Stokesia Amethyst has remarkably strong stems that don’t easily flop and carry an abundance of purple flowers without effort. With an upright growth habit and dense foliage, Amethyst will be a great addition to any type of landscape. 
How to care for Stokesia Amethyst:
Amethyst grows to 50 cm tall and retains its compact, upright habit throughout life. Amethyst thrives in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. She’ll tolerate light shade but will show her abundance of purple flowers best in full sun. This Stokesia is drought tolerant, perfect for landscaping or in pots, and hardy to -25 ºC. 

Key Points

  1. Strong stems, not floppy
  2. High flower count
  3. Large flowers
  4. Dense foliage
  5. Good for landscaping and in pots

Breeder: Seoha Plant Breeding Institute

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