Spiraea japonica ZEN'SPIRIT® Caramel ('Minspiz02'PBR) EU 56019



Spiraea ZEN'SPIRIT® Caramel is a beautiful, compact Spiraea with a round, mounding growth habit. The foliage changes colour during the season. In April-May the leaves are caramel-coloured and this colour returns after pruning in autumn. ZEN'SPIRIT® Caramel blooms in summer with pink flowers and becomes about 50 cm tall and wide. This Spiraea can resist heat as well as drought and is also very hardy to -30 ºC. Plant ZEN'SPIRIT® Caramel in the sun or semi-shade in a moist, well-permeable soil. ZEN'SPIRIT® Caramel is a nice addition to the shrub border but is also very suitable for mass planting or for a pot on balcony or terrace.

Key Points

  1. Compact, round shape like a pillow
  2. Change of colors throughout the seasons
  3. Pink flowers in summer
  4. Heat- and drought tolerant
  5. Very hardy
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