Skimmia japonica Gold Series® Exstase® ('Exstbolwi'PBR) EU 42915



This beautiful Skimmia Gold Series® offers diversity in colour and leaf shape. The starting point for the breeding was the colour of the flower buds. Other varieties have a beautiful colour flower bud that often quickly turns to bronze. The flower buds of Skimmia Gold Series® vary in colour and retain their colour much longer. The Gold Series® Skimmia also have a strong rooting system and they are less sensitive to red spider and spider mite. The Gold Series® gives white flowers in April-May. These Skimmia are easier to grow than similar varieties. The Gold Series® is very suitable for cut flowers but also for garden planting, for mass planting or for in a pot on the terrace. These evergreen shrubs form a spherical plant of about 1.00 x 1.00m after 10 years. Plant them in a (peat) soil with a low pH in the semi-shade to shade. Pruning is not necessary. Hardy up to -15 ºC.
Get excited with Skimmia Gold Series® Exstase®! Exstase® has large, purple-red flower buds and dark green, slightly wavy leaves. The growth is upright with long branches. Exstase® has stronger roots than Rubella and Rubinetta, especially with warm conditions.

Key Points

  1. Large flower buds
  2. Many flower buds per plant
  3. Strong branching
  4. Fast grower
  5. Can be used for in a vase

Breeder: Gold Series BV

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