Sempervivum Coconut Crystal ('Belsemmag1'PBR) EU 61194



Ready for your new favourite Sempervivum? Good! Sempervivum Coconut Crystal is sure to capture your eye and steal your heart. This beauty of a succulent provides gardens with year round bi-colour. During springtime, it brightens borders and rooftops with lime green and red hues which will fade throughout the growing season to a spectacular cream and wine-red colour combination.

Coconut Crystal is fast to grow and impresses with a very big rosette. It is already famous for its incredible outdoor pot performance - thanks to its impressively strong rooting system. Coconut Crystal flowers from the end of Spring throughout Summer, ready to add an extraordinary splash of ground-covering colour to the borders.

How to care for Sempervivum Coconut Crystal:
Coconut Crystal is water-wise, disease and drought tolerant and very easy to look after. He will grow up to 10 cm high and 15 cm wide, thrives in a sandy, well-drained soil and will feel at his best in full sun or partial shade. Hardy to -20 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Vigorous growth
  2. Keeps its red colour all year round
  3. 3-4 cuttings per plant
  4. The rosette is hard and strong
  5. Winter hardy!

Breeder: Belgicactus bvba

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