Sedum Sunsparkler® Plum Dazzled ('Pldaz2018'PBR) EU 55351



Your garden is sparkling! Not with fireworks, not with champagne…No, it’s Sedum Sunsparkler® Plum Dazzled!

Sedum Sunsparkler® Plum Dazzled stands out for its beautiful plum coloured foliage and the raspberry coloured flowers. In summer, this succulent flowers long and rich. Plum Dazzled has a compact, creeping habit. It reaches a height of 25 cm and a width of 15 cm. Perfect as solitary, groundcover, in rock gardens, perennial borders or for landscaping.

How to care for Sedum Sunsparkler® Plum Dazzled:
Plum Dazzled performs best in sandy, well-drained soil on a sunny spot. It hardly requires maintenance and can resist heat and cold temperatures to -25 °C. Bees and butterflies are crazy about Plum Dazzled!

Plum Dazzled is part of the colourful Sedum Sunsparkler® series. For more information, please visit:

YouTube Website

Key Points

  1. Unique plum coloured foliage
  2. Interspecific crossing
  3. Raspberry coloured flowers
  4. Compact, low growing habit
  5. Not susceptible to diseases

Breeder: Garden Solutions, LLC

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