Sedum Sunsparkler® 'Dream Dazzler' PBR EU 20203379



Sedum Sunsparkler® Dream Dazzler is a dream come true! A beautiful and easy plant in dazzling colours that are different depending on their spot: in the sun the foliage is dark purple with bright pink edges, in the semi-shade the foliage is light purple with bright pink edges and in the shade the foliage is blue-green with white and pink edges. Dream Dazzler blooms in summer with pink flowers. So you can place Dream Dazzler in many places in the garden but a sunny spot is preferred. It is a compact plant of approx. 45 cm high and 25 cm wide that does not fall open. Plant Dream Dazzler in well-drained, not too heavy soil. Very well applicable as a groundcover, in the rock garden or the perennial border and for mass planting. Dream Dazzler is very disease resistant. Hardy to -30 ºC.

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Key Points

  1. Compact size, does not flop
  2. Excellent dense groundcover
  3. Variegated foliage
  4. Highly disease resistant
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