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Pyracantha coccinea 'Red Star' PBR EU 43424



Pyracantha Red Star is a star within the assortment! This Red Star has less thorns than other Pyracantha and is evergreen. Red Star flowers in June with white flowers. In August, green berries appear that colour red from September. The berries remain bright red until after Christmas and with that Red Star is a beautiful Christmas item. Red Star gives flowers and fruit on 2 year old wood. Plant Red Star in a fertile, well-drained soil. Very hardy to -30 °C.

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Key Points

  1. Less thorns than other Pyracantha
  2. Flowers/ fruit on 2 year old wood
  3. Lots of bright red berries
  4. Berries keep their colour until after Christmas!
  5. Evergreen


Pyracantha Red Star winner of:

  • IPM Neuheit 2019
  • Goud GrootGroenPlus 2019
IPM Neuheit 2019 Goud GrootGroenPlus 2019

Breeder: Van der Sar-Vermaat

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