Physocarpus opulifolius All Black ('Minall2'PBR) EU 46758



Physocarpus All Black, the name says it all: All Black has very dark red-purple foliage that changes to black. All Black has a round, bushy growth and branches very well. It becomes about 80 cm high and 80 cm wide. This Physocarpus flowers in May/June with white flowers, followed by red fruits in summer. A nice combination with the dark foliage! Plant All Black in the sun or partial shade. The type of soil does not matter. Can be pruned in the spring. All Black is hardy to -30 °C.

Key Points

  1. Very dark foliage
  2. Round, bushy habit
  3. Branches very well
  4. Flowers in May/ June
  5. Red fruits in summer

Breeder: Hortival Diffusion SAS

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