Photinia fraseri Chico ('BR2011'PBR) EU 49648



Photinia Chico has beautiful, bronze coloured new shoots and a beautiful, spherical habit. With its fine foliage and compact growth of 30 cm high and 20 cm wide, Chico is year round a picture in the garden, in the border, as solitary and in mixed containers. In addition, Chico can also be used for low hedges or mass planting. This strong Photinia branches easy and does not suffer from branch dieback. Plant Chico in full sun or partial shade in a fertile, well-drained soil. Prune in spring or summer. Hardy to -18 ºC.


Key Points

  1. Beautiful bronze coloured new shoots
  2. Compact, spherical habit
  3. Fine foliage
  4. Easy branching
  5. Does not suffer from branch dieback


Photinia Chico winner of:

  • Zilver Plantarium 2018
Zilver Plantarium 2018

Breeder: Bart van Roessel Tuinplanten BV

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