Persicaria microcephela 'Red Dragon' PBR EU 11453



Persicaria might just be the most versatile perennials. Persicaria Red Dragon is a winner on all fronts with red stems, beautiful leaf markings, intensely tricoloured atmospheric foliage, and natural charm. Whereas many Persicaria tend to grow rampant, Red Dragon is sterile and keeps its compact habit throughout the seasons.

Its compact height of 75 cm makes Red Dragon perfectly suited for garden borders, jungle planting schemes (a great partner for bamboo and bananas!), prairie gardens, solitary, pollinator-friendly gardens and landscaping. This unusual plant is most loved for its incredible tricoloured foliage - combined with the tiny white flowers, this handsome, upright variety will brighten the darkest corners in shady gardens.

How to care for Persicaria Red Dragon:
Persicaria Red Dragon is strong, disease tolerant and very low-maintenance. It prefers a spot in full sun to semi-shade in well-drained, slightly moist soil; though strong as he is, Red Dragon will happily grow in a range of soils. Red Dragon is hardy to -25 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Bronze-silver foliage
  2. Tiny white flowers
  3. Fast growing
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Disease tolerant
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