Panicum virgatum 'JS Buffalo Green' PBR EU 40447

Ornamental grasses


Get ready for the man of the hour, winner of the 2014 ISU-award and the latest superhero allowed to wear the well-known ‘JS’ stamp. Get ready for Panicum virgatum ‘JS Buffalo Green’. Stronger, sturdier and tougher than ever seen before.

'JS Buffalo Green' is famous for his sturdy, upright habit - which means no flopping for this Panicum. His striking bright green foliage colour contrasts spectacularly with his copper-green flower panicles. 'JS Buffalo Green' doesn’t grow too large and is rich blooming. He dashes from late summer to early August with his outstanding, large flower panicles.

How to care for Panicum 'JS Buffalo Green':
'JS Buffalo Green' is low-maintenance and only needs a quick pruning in early spring. He thrives in a spot in full sun, in well-drained, fertile soil. This deciduous Panicum is extremely hardy to -35 ºC, making him ideal for mass planting, containers, mixed containers and natural gardens.

Key Points

  1. Sturdy, upright growth
  2. Striking bright green foliage colour
  3. Copper-green flower panicles
  4. Rich blooming with large flower panicles
  5. Very winter hardy


Panicum JS Buffalo Green winner of:

  • KVBC GrootGroenPlus Silver 2022
KVBC GrootGroenPlus Silver 2022

Breeder: Spruyt Select CommV

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