Ostrya carpinifolia 'F.C. Moree' PBR EU 44507



Ostrya F.C. Moree is a new tree with very strong features. He is fully hardy. F.C. Moree has a pyramidal, regularly branched crown. Remarkable is the ascending position of 30-45 degrees of the branches. F.C. Moree is very healthy and to date no lice, rust mites and spider mites are observed. He is resistant to the wind. The F.C. Moree fits every soil type: grows well on each fertile soil and even on dry to very dry soil. The ornamental value is determined by the light green leaves that colour in autumn beautiful to light yellow and by the numerous, hanging fruit bunches during the summer and fall. In the winter he shows his beautiful, grey brown trunk with white, oval spots. F.C. Moree is very suitable as a avenue and park tree and is planted for its durability.

Key Points

  1. Pyramidal habit
  2. Regularly branched crown
  3. Very healthy
  4. Year round ornamental value
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