Miscanthus sinensis 'Polonus' PBR EU 58115

Ornamental grasses


It was in 2022 that we finally got the pleasure of introducing the new elephant grass Miscanthus Polonus. A Miscanthus that truly stands out with its medium size. The abundance of dense flower panicles grows right above the foliage, giving this Miscanthus a neat and full effect.

The red-purple flower plumes appear in autumn and are combined with a beautiful colour change: the foliage starts dark green and slowly merges to a warm yellow. As autumn progresses, the flower plumes become fluffier and give the plant an extra graceful appearance. Polonus is not sensitive to pests and diseases and requires little maintenance. With its medium habit, Miscanthus Polonus is perfect for the patio or small garden.

How to care for Miscanthus Polonus:
Place Miscanthus Polonus in full sun to partial shade. This variety will perform well in a normal, well-drained soil. Polonus grows up to 150 cm high and maintains its medium size without maintenance. Hardy to -23 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Very floriferous
  2. Dense flower panicles
  3. Medium plant size
  4. Low maintenance 
  5. Not sensitive to diseases and pests

Breeder: Artur Maj Gospodarstwo Rolne

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