Mangave Mad about Mangave® 'Snow Leopard' PBR EU 20212619



A revolution in plant breeding! The Mad about Mangave® series offers varieties that have interesting forms and colours. The varieties of Mad about Mangave® are fast growers. If they reach the desired size, water sparingly. Mangave loves a spot in full sun; this is where the colours and distinctive spots show best. The Mad about Mangave® are beautiful as a specimen in a pot or container but also perfect for a mixed container with other succulents. Plant Mangave in a well-drained soil. Ideal for outdoors on patio or balcony as well as indoors. The variety is hardy to -5 ºC so place it indoors in winter to enjoy this succulent even longer! 'Snow Leopard' has a beautiful, architectural form: round and cascading. The thick leaves attract attention with their green colour and cream-colored borders.

Key Points

  1. Colourful and striking foliage
  2. Focal point in gardens
  3. Easy to grow
  4. Fast growth rate
  5. Drought-tolerant
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