Mangave Mad about Mangave® ' Red Wing' PBR EU 20211845



A revolution in plant breeding! The Mad about Mangave® series offers varieties that have interesting forms and colours. The varieties of Mad about Mangave® are fast growers. If they reach the desired size, water sparingly. Mangave loves a spot in full sun; this is where the colours and distinctive spots show best. The Mad about Mangave® are beautiful as a specimen in a pot or container but also perfect for a mixed container with other succulents. Plant Mangave in a well-drained soil. Ideal for outdoors on patio or balcony as well as indoors. The variety is hardy to -5 ºC so place it indoors in winter to enjoy this succulent even longer! With ‘Red Wing’ you create a great focal point in your succulent container. This succulent forms a very large, refined rosette comprised of a multitude of pronounced deep red leaves. Absolutely gorgeous for both containers and the landscape.

Key Points

  1. Colourful and striking foliage
  2. Focal point in gardens
  3. Easy to grow
  4. Fast growth rate
  5. Drought-tolerant


Mangave Red Wing winner of:

  • Bronze Award KVBC Summer Challenge 2021
Bronze Award KVBC Summer Challenge 2021
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