Lavandula intermedia Phenomenal ('Niko'PBR) EU 40231



Lavandula Phenomenal is phenomenal with his very large, purple-blue flowers. You can enjoy the abundant flowering from early summer until autumn. Pruning after the first flowering gives rebloom. This Phenomenal Lavandula has a compact growth of 70 cm high and 70 cm wide. The branches are strong, as well as the root system. Phenomenal has a uniform growth and flowering habit. Place the Phenomenal in full sun in a normal or sandy soil. Great for the garden, border, as a solitary, in a mixed container or for mass planting.

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Key Points

  1. Abundant flowering
  2. Very large flowers
  3. Strong (does not fall "open")
  4. Uniform growth & flowering
  5. Strong root system


Lavandula Phenomenal winner of:

  • KVBC-Award Bronze
KVBC-Award Bronze

Breeder: Peace Tree Farm LLC

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