Lavandula intermedia Exceptional ('Hillav'PBR) EU 20230975



Strong, hardy, drought- and heat-resistant, well-branched and a long blooming period. What more could one want from a Lavandula? Lavandula Exceptional is an easy-to-grow, climate-proof variety with stunning bright silvery foliage that makes for year-round beauty in the landscape.

This unique hybrid has broad, thick leaves that combine beautifully with the large, dense flower panicles with pure white flowers that spread a fragrance adored by pollinators. With a remarkably strong root system and insensitivity to leaf- and root diseases, Exceptional is a one-of-a-kind Lavender that will continue to amaze with its performance. A great garden plant that will also thrive in patio containers or as a cut flower.

How to care for Lavandula Exceptional:
Lavandula Exceptional is particularly hardy and flowers from mid-summer into autumn. Exceptional grows up to 80 cm high and wide and prefers well-drained soil and a spot in (full) sun. This evergreen plant is hardy to -20 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Strong and long flower stems
  2. Reblooming, long flowering period
  3. Strong root system
  4. Not sensitive to leaf and root diseases
  5. Easy to grow


Lavandula Exceptional winner of:

  • Chelsea Plant of the Year 2023 Shortlisted
Chelsea Plant of the Year 2023 Shortlisted

Breeder: Hillier/ Traven

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