Jacaranda mimosifolia Bonsai Blue ('Sakai01'PBR) EU 52031



Jacaranda Bonsai Blue is truly unique as it is the world’s first dwarf Jacaranda. It also flowers at an early age, years earlier than other Jacaranda. This small tree will become 75 cm tall and wide and has fern-like foliage and beautiful purple-blue coloured flowers. Jacaranda Bonsai Blue prefers a place in full sun in a fertile, well-drained soil. Pruning preferably in spring. This deciduous tree is moderately hardy. Jacaranda Bonsai Blue is an excellent tree for in smaller gardens, as a solitary on your patio or in mixed containers.

Key Points

  1. Flowers at a young age
  2. Fern-like foliage
  3. Dwarf habit
  4. Purple-blue flowers
  5. Heat & drought tolerant

Breeder: Kiyoshi Sakai

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