Hydrangea macrophylla You&Me Perfection ('Perfrie'PBR) EU 40646



Hydrangea macrophylla You&Me® Perfection blooms in summer with round flower heads entirely covered with dark pink, double flowers like stars. This compact hydrangea has a strong rooting system and sturdy stems. Because of this, the abundantly blooming flower heads stand up straight. You&Me® Perfection is winter hardy to -22° Celsius. Plant in moist, well-drained soil in (full) sun or partial shade. Prune in spring and you’ll see its wonderful flowers appear once again. You&Me® Perfection grows to 120 cm high and 80 cm wide. A perfect size for planting in a container on your terrace or balcony. This hydrangea is also very suitable for shrub borders, mass planting or combined with other plants.

Key Points

  1. Full flower heads with double flowers
  2. Intense pink flowers
  3. Hard and full flower heads
  4. Strong rooting system

Breeder: R. Irie

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