Hibiscus Carousel Red Wine ('Tahi61'PBR) EU 49033

Vaste planten


The Hibiscus Carousel-series features varieties with deeply incised and dark purple foliage, an abundance of large flowers, a bushy growth habit and low maintenance. Its flowers have an impressive diameter of 15-18 cm! Hibiscus Carousel Red Wine has large, dark red flowers.

This variety is winter hardy to -15 ºC, Prune in spring. It prefers full sun and rich, moist soil. It performs great in containers. Also very good for plant borders, mass planting and combined planting. Try out other members of the Carousel-series to give a splash of colour to your garden!

Key Points

  1. Abundant flowering
  2. Large, dark red flowers
  3. Deeply incised, dark foliage
  4. Low maintenance

Breeder: Alain Tan

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