Heuchera villosa 'Kassandra' PBR EU 32286



This new Heuchera was born in the garden of Thierry Delabroye (France, Hantay) in the spring of 2007. Kassandra is her name and she is a cross between the famous 'Caramel' and 'Mocha'. Kassandra has big and strong leafs and colours throughout the year. Kassandra is very hardy to -30 ºC and can also stand the sun. The caramel colour of the foliage starts in the spring. The foliage colours to chocolate brown in the autumn. The white flowers of Kassandra open in June and flourish until August. Up to 60 cm high and wide. Kassandra is multi applicable: in a pot, as a garden plant and for public green, in full sun, semi shade or shade. The breeder of Kassandra is Thierry Delabroye from France.


Key Points

  1. Strong, orange foliage
  2. True villosa hybrid
  3. Deer resistant
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Year round saleable

Breeder: Luc Klinkhamer

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