Hebe L. Blue Haze ('Lowchi'PBR) EU 43000



Blue Haze is a perfect name for this new Hebe variety. When you look at the foliage you know why: Blue Haze has unique blue-green leaves. It is an evergreen plant, so you can enjoy its attractive foliage all year round! The name Blue Haze also refers to the mass of blue-violet flowers it produces. In summer you will see bright flowers all over the plant. Bees and butterflies love it! Hebe Blue Haze has a compact, dense growth habit. It will reach a height of 30 cm. Blue Haze works great in a container on your patio, either as solitary or combined with other plants. Hardy to -7 °C. Blue Haze prefers a well-drained, moist soil. It performs well in partial shade to full sun. Prune after the plant has finished blooming.

Key Points

  1. Prolific flowering
  2. Blue-green foliage
  3. Sparkling violet-blue flowers
  4. Attracts bees & butterflies
  5. Perfect plant for patio containers

Breeder: Lowaters Ltd

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