Hakonechloa macra Mulled Wine ('Lucmull'PBR) EU 20212575

Ornamental grasses


Handsome tricolour leaves with elegantly arching stems: that can only be the eye-catching Hakonechloa Mulled Wine. With spectacular yellow, light green and emerald green foliage, this perennial grass is sure to grab anyone’s attention. When Mulled Wine matures, the stunning tricolour foliage will turn warm burgundy-red in autumn creating the most spectacular autumn displays.

• Mulled Wine is a deciduous perennial grass that is most popularly used as ground cover thanks to its elegant, arching leaves. Not only is Mulled Wine jaw-dropping beautiful but it’s also incredibly strong. Mulled Wine is not sensitive to diseases, is easy to grow and hardly needs any looking after.

• How to care for Hakonechloa Mulled Wine:
Hakonechloa Mulled Wine will grow up to 45 cm high and 60 cm wide and is able to grow pretty much anywhere. You can place Mulled Wine in full sun, in light shade - and even underneath trees. Making this the perfect variety for containers, borders, coastal gardens and public instalments. Mulled Wine is hardy to -28 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Bright tri-colour striped leaves
  2. Compact groundcover
  3. Not sensitive to diseases
  4. Winter hardy
  5. Easy to grow

Breeder: Knoll Gardens Ltd.

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