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Geranium Orkney Cherry ('Bremerry'PBR) EU 22921

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Geranium Orkney Cherry comes from the Orkney Islands in the North of Scotland. Unique plants. That’s what the islands are known for. Geranium Orkney Cherry is a unique plant indeed! Geranium Orkney Cherry is an eye-catching plant with its stunning, contrasting colours. Its flowers are bright pink, which stand out beautifully against its dark bronze foliage. Do you like long and rich flowering plants? Then Orkney Cherry is a perfect choice. From early summer to late autumn, numerous pink flowers appear. Geranium Orkney Cherry has a compact, creeping growth habit. Its height is 20 cm and its width 60 cm. It’s more compact than Orkney Pink. Plant Orkney Cherry in a sunny spot in moist, humus-rich soil. It’s hardy to -18 °C.
Orkney Cherry is an easy and multi-functional plant. Excellent for hanging baskets, containers on terraces, in rock gardens, perennial borders or for landscaping. Don’t be surprised when more butterflies and bees will suddenly visit your garden!

Key Points

  1. Compact, creeping habit
  2. Abundant flowering with bright pink flowers
  3. Dark bronze foliage
  4. Flowers from early summer to late autumn
  5. Hybrid antipodeum x oxonianum

Breeder: Alan Bremner

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