Gaura lindheimeri Baby Butterfly Dark Pink ('URIBLBP'PBR) EU 46654

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Gaura lindheimeri Baby Butterfly Dark Pink was chosen because of its compact shape and charming flowers. Baby Butterfly Dark Pink only grows 25 cm tall, which is a lot more compact than other Gaura varieties. Its dark pink, butterfly-shaped flowers make this plant a real eye catcher! Baby Butterfly Dark Pink flowers rich and long from early summer into autumn. Winterhardy to -10 °C. It prefers a spot in full sun in light, sandy and well-drained soil. The compact size makes Baby Butterfly Dark Pink an excellent choice for containers. Also suitable in perennial borders and for combined planting. Butterflies flutter and fly by, but you can always count on the charming Gaura lindheimeri Baby Butterfly Dark Pink!

Key Points

  1. Compact habit
  2. Ideal for containers
  3. Flowering long and rich
  4. Dark pink flowers


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