Gaillardia Sun Buddies Gold ('G15270'PBR) EU 64867



The Gaillardia Sun Buddies find their origin all the way back in 2007: when their breeder, Rick Grazzini, started breeding the so-called blanket flowers. After years of trial and error, the first interspecific crossings were made. Crossing with Gaillardia selections, made in Texas with his daughter, he managed to create incredibly resistant varieties. It was just a few years later, that the Sun Buddies were selected.

The Sun Buddies stand out as they are both easy to root and easy to produce. But that’s not all: these sterile Gaillardia flower all summer long! The extended flowering period, combined with their ground cover growth habit and resistance to diseases, make them a real breeding breakthrough.

Sun Buddies Gold stands out with its bright yellow, gold-like colour. Beautifully contrasting with the intense green foliage. This self-cleaning Gaillardia hybrid creates a dense ground-cover with masses of flowers. Sun Buddies Gold continuously blooms from June to late November, is drought-and heat-resistant and hardly needs any looking after! Hardy to -15 C.


Key Points

  1. Sterile and self-cleaning
  2. Continuous flowering
  3. Drought- and heat resistant
  4. Fast finishing
  5. High resistance against leaf spot and powdery mildew

Breeder: GardenGenetics LLC

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