Euphorbia 'Galaxy Glow' PBR EU 20210420

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Euphorbia are known to be one of the easiest perennial plants to grow. They’re tough, have very few problems and always impress with richly coloured foliage and unique flowers. They fit right into rockery landscapes, public instalments, Japanese gardens, etc. They’re welcomed worldwide in pretty much any type of landscape design.

Euphorbia Galaxy Glow is no different but stands out with its unique colours. The flowers start green and slowly grow through a wide range of other-worldly pink hues. New growth shows the same unique salmon-pink colour, which in its turn is beautifully contrasted by the green foliage.

Thankfully, those other-worldly pink hues can be admired for months in a row: Galaxy Glow has an extra-long flowering period from winter to spring, only to bloom once again in summer, and holds its beautiful pink tones longer than usual.

How to care for Euphorbia Galaxy Glow: this remarkable spurge has a medium habit and becomes about 55 cm high and 45 cm wide. Even though Galaxy Glow doesn’t mind a quick prune in summer, it hardly needs any looking after other than that. Plant this semi-evergreen in the full sun in well-drained soil. Hardy to -12 °C.


Key Points

  1. Eye-catching pink flowers
  2. The flowers and colours last long
  3. Larger inflorescences than other varieties
  4. Very well-branched
  5. Drought and heat tolerant (water-wise)

Breeder: McCracken's Nursery

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