Eucalyptus gunnii Azura ('Cagire'PBR) EU 25846



Azura was selected in the middle of France from many seedlings. It was the only seedling which survived a very cold winter; all other seedlings died. The breeder also found out that Azura was easy to propagate by cuttings. Azura is winterhardy to -18º C. The leaves are grey/blue. Very nice as a balcony plant because it is compact. Azura grows slowly and compact but without pruning Azura can grow up to 4m.

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Key Points

  1. Beautiful grey-blue foliage
  2. Compact
  3. Hardy to -18 ºC
  4. Low maintenance


Eucalyptus Azura winner of:

  • Brons Veldkeuring KVBC 2012
Brons Veldkeuring KVBC 2012
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