Delosperma Sun Diamonds White ('S3whi'PBR) EU 20230833



Are you ready for the most prolific flowering Delosperma you’ve ever seen? Good: the Delosperma Sun Diamonds series are here to change the game. They boast a compact, neat, low habit, incredible branching, and an extremely high flower count. All these traits combined create a dense, full and beautiful flower carpet with masses of flowers.

Delosperma Sun Diamonds White stands out with stunning white flowers that keep popping up from early summer into autumn. The naturally neat, rounded habit makes this variety perfectly suitable for small pots, hanging baskets, containers, perennial borders, and rock gardens.

How to care for Delosperma Sun Diamonds:
The Sun Diamonds series don’t need vernalisation, are very easy to grow and tolerate heat, drought, and humidity. What more could one want? Delosperma Sun Diamonds White grows up to 10-15 cm high and 25-30 wide and appreciates a spot in full sun in very well-drained soil. The Delosperma Sun Diamonds are hardy up to -12 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Full and dense growth habit
  2. Extremely high flower count
  3. Continuously flowering from early summer into autumn
  4. No vernalization needed
  5. Tolerates heat, drought and humidity

Breeder: Florsaika Breeding B.V.

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