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Delosperma Ocean Sunset Orange Glow ('T1873'PBR) EU 63804

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Delosperma Ocean Sunset has extremely large flowers. The largest so far in Delosperma! Because of its flowering period from early summer to early autumn, you can enjoy the vibrant orange flowers with pink edges and yellow center of Ocean Sunset Orange Glow, for a long time. The habit is compact and low. Ocean Sunset is easy to grow and does not need vernalization. Delosperma Ocean Sunset grows up to 10-15 cm high and 25-30 cm wide. Plant Ocean Sunset in the sun in a very well-drained soil. Ocean Sunset is great for hanging baskets and for in containers on balcony or terrace as well as for in the perennial border and rock garden. Hardy to -12 ºC.


Key Points

  1. XXL orange flowers
  2. Long flowering period
  3. Very high flower count
  4. Easy to grow
  5. Tolerates heat, drought and humidity

Breeder: Florsaika Breeding B.V.

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