Dahlia 'Mystic Sparkler' PBR EU 52740



'Mystic Sparkler' is a wonderful addition to the Dahlia Mystic-series. The two-coloured, magenta and yellow, flowers pop out against the dark foliage. 'Mystic Sparkler' flowers all summer and is therefore a beautiful Dahlia for the border and for on the terrace, as well as a solitary as in a mixed container. Dahlia 'Mystic Sparkler' becomes 70 cm high and 40 cm wide and has a compact habit. Plant 'Mystic Sparkler' in full sun. Each type of soil is good as long as it is well-drained but not too dry. The Dahlia Mystic is moderately hardy so cover thoroughly in winter.

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Key Points

  1. Intense coloured flowers
  2. Shiny dark foliage
  3. Compact habit
  4. Abundant flowering

Breeder: Kiwiflora Ltd.

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