Coreopsis grandiflora Solar Mellow ('MVNC1823'PBR) EU 20231877



Get ready for the greatest showstopper in the summer garden you have ever laid eyes on. The Coreopsis grandiflora Solar-series are the most spectacular, clump-forming, perennial wildflowers. Boasting a profusion of showy, bright-coloured flowers, continuously blooming from late spring all the way into autumn.

The Coreopsis Solar-series have a neat, mounded habit and very healthy foliage: they keep their fresh green foliage healthier than other cultivars! As if that’s not enough, these long-flowering perennials are resistant to heat, drought and humidity. Being wildflowers, they are a great addition to any pollinator-friendly garden. Offering a true buffet for bees and butterflies.

Coreopsis Solar Mellow has been selected for its high disease resistance and the astounding amount of large, brightly-coloured flowers. She shows off proudly with her vivid yellow-orange flowers with a red heart: from June all the way to October. Shearing back lightly after flowering promotes a second flush of blooms. It is undoubtedly one of the most long-lasting, abundantly flowering, low-maintenance plants for the natural-looking perennial garden.

How to care for Coreopsis Solar Mellow:
Solar Mellow has a round, compact, bushy and upright habit and isn’t picky about soil. Solar Mellow even tolerates poor or sandy soil. She’ll thrive in a full-sun location, grows up to 50 cm high and 45 cm wide and is hardy to -20 °C.


Key Points

  1. Abundance of large flowers
  2. Very healthy foliage
  3. Resistant against heat, drought and humidity
  4. Attracts bees and butterflies
  5. Selected for its high disease-resistance

Breeder: Van Noort Vaste Planten

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