Caryopteris Pink Perfection ('Lisspin'PBR) EU 49498



Caryopteris Pink Perfection is a pink Caryopteris that is just as hardy is the blue flowering varieties. Pink Perfection has dark pink flower buds and lovely pale pink flowers from July until October. The foliage is silver green. This Caryopteris becomes 120 cm tall and 70 cm wide and likes a spot in full sun in a well-drained, fertile soil. Pink Perfection is perfect as a solitary on balcony or terrace, in a mixed container or in the border. Hardy to -18 °C. Prune in the spring.

Key Points

  1. Dark pink flower buds
  2. Pale pink flowers
  3. Abundant flowering
  4. Just as hardy as a blue Caryopteris
  5. Symmetrical growth

Breeder: Liss Forest Nursery Ltd.

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