Buxus Giant ('HER2008114'PBR) EU 20220629



Giant - the name says it all, doesn’t it? Buxus Giant is strong, mighty, resistant and quick to recover from any type of challenge. With giant leather-look glossy leaves, this bushy, compact Buxus variety will be the star of any landscape. He’s an easy-trim kind of guy and perfectly suited for wide hedges - growing up to 1 m to 2 m high with little maintenance.

How to care for Buxus Giant:
Buxus Giant has all the good looks of a Prunus lusitanica and Osmanthus, with the top-notch qualities Buxus is known for. Even better: this Buxus is pollinator-friendly, not picky about the type of soil, grows very rapidly and recovers even faster. All you could wish for in one spectacular specimen. Hardy to -20 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Large leaves (ca. 4 cm length)
  2. Stays medium to dark green all year round
  3. Very suitable for hedges and cloud plantings
  4. More resistant against boxwood moth
  5. Tolerant to boxwood blight

Breeder: Herplant BV

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