Berberis thunbergii Golden Ruby ('Goruzam'PBR) EU 50090



In each garden, Berberis thunbergii Golden Ruby will steal the show with its surprising range of colours! Golden Ruby’s beautiful, large leaves change throughout the year. In spring, orange-yellow-green foliage emerges. In summer, its leaves turn red. Summer is the time for the grand finale when you’ll see dark red leaves with eye-catching golden margins appear.
Golden Ruby has a pleasant, compact size of 30 cm high and 20 cm wide. This barberry prefers full sun or partial shade in sand, loam or clay soil. Golden Ruby is disease-tolerant and can withstand winters to -30° Celsius. And that’s not all: this amazing plant is also maintenance free! Golden Ruby is a great plant for shrub borders, landscaping, mass planting, mixed planting or as solitary on terrace or patio.


Key Points

  1. Change of coulors throughout the year
  2. Large-shaped leaves
  3. Very colourful
  4. Disease tolerant
  5. Low maintenance

Breeder: UpShoot LLC

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