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Agapanthus Fireworks ('MDB001'PBR) EU 59038

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Fireworks is the first reblooming evergreen bicoloured Agapanthus in the world! In 2008 Quinton and Andy from De Wet Plant Breeders germinated 12000 seeds and in 2010 they picked out Fireworks because it was already showing its first flowers. It is recently awarded with the AGM by the RHS after four years of Agapanthus trials. Fireworks is proven to be hardy to -12 ºC which is more hardy compared to other evergreen bicolored Agapanthus. It has short, neat, thick and clean, green foliage and it resistant to crown rot. Petioles are dark which is in great contrast again the flowers. Fireworks has big umbels with a lot of florets per umbel. It gives many inflorescence and has an extended flowering season of at least 3 months.

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Key Points

  1. Large umbel with pendulous flowers
  2. Bi-colored blue-white flowers
  3. Neat, compact plant
  4. Short, broad foliage
  5. Resistant to crown rot


Agapanthus Fireworks winner of:

  • AGM
  • HTA New Plant Awarts 2019
AGM HTA New Plant Awarts 2019

Breeder: De Wet Plant Breeders

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