Agapanthus Everpanthus® Poppin' Star ('AMDB002'PBR) EU 62301

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African lilies that never seem to stop blooming: that can only be the Everpanthus® series. These spectacular Agapanthus are known for their long-lasting and repeat blooming - for an extended flowering period. And as if that isn’t enough: this exciting variety grows with the speed of light!

The latest addition to the Everpanthus® series, Poppin’ Star, is ready to take the gardeners world by storm. With full flower heads and an abundance of striped violet-blue and white blooms, this evergreen beauty will proudly flower weeks in a row. Like all Everpanthus® family members, Poppin’ Star has an incredibly long flowering period with good rebloom and with its incredible growth rate you won’t have to wait long to see the first flowers appear.

How to care for Everpanthus® Poppin’ Star: With a medium size, Everpanthus® Poppin’ Star is the ideal Agapanthus to grow in pots and has great garden performance. Poppin’ Star will eventually reach around 60 cm tall and 70 cm wide, making it a perfect choice for perennial borders, patio pots or mixed containers. Place Poppin’ Star in full sun and well-drained soil. Poppin’ Star is hardy to approximately -12 °C.


Key Points

  1. Produces more flower heads than usual
  2. Flower heads are full of flowers
  3. Long flowering period
  4. Good re-blooming
  5. Heat and drought tolerant

Breeder: De Wet Plant Breeders

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