Agapanthus Brilliant Blue ('Aga04051'PBR) EU 41408



Less is more? No way! More is more for the new Agapanthus ‘Brilliant Blue’! A lot of flowers. That’s one of the features that makes Agapanthus ‘Brilliant Blue’ so special. You will enjoy the wealth of flowers it brings in summer. After 5 years, it will produce more than 100 flowers each summer. Bees and butterflies love it!

As the name ‘Brilliant Blue’ suggests, its trumpet-shaped flowers have a gorgeous blue color. A real stunner! ‘Brilliant Blue’ has a compact size of 75 cm. This makes it a perfect container plant for balconies or terraces. You can even use its flowers to put in a vase! Or how about planting it in your garden? It’s very easy to maintain.

How to care for Agapanthus Brilliant Blue:
Put it in full sun and well-drained soil. It is drought-resistant and winter hardy to -12 ºC. If it gets colder, cover the plant with a layer of straw and plastic on top.

Key Points

  1. Prolific flowering
  2. Intense blue flowers
  3. Compact habit
  4. Attracts bees and butterflies
  5. After 5 years over 100 flowers

Breeder: Vance Hooper

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